Critical Technical Practice is the creation of new technologies inspired by thought and analysis from the arts, social sciences, and humanities.  In CTP@M-ITI we develop technologies for the parts of the world that don’t usually get to express themselves technically, from protestors to rural farmers to seafood.


The Critical Technical Practice Lab (CTP) was founded in 2015 through the LeapFrog M-ITI ERAChair Grant (Agreement 621413), by Prof. Christopher Csíkszentmihályi.

We are a research unit of Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), part of the LARSYS integrated laboratory of the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisboa. M-ITI specializes in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from a multidisciplinary perspective. CTP builds technologies by applying learnings from STS and humanist thought, with a focus on social justice and civic media.

CTP accepts PhD candidates through two degree programs: Networked Cyber Physical Systems (NETSYS, more technical) and Digital Media. NETSYS is offered in conjunction with the CMU Portugal program, while Digital Media is run in collaboration with University of Texas, Austin.

For more information please contact ctplab@m-iti.org.


Upcoming Conference: Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa

CTP is hosting a conference in September, the call is still open, please propose a paper or creative work! STRATEGIC NARRATIVES OF TECHNOLOGY AND AFRICA SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 – SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 Overview In 1884, a group of thirteen European policymakers met to negotiate standards for the “effective occupation” of Africa. At the time of …



If you are interested in joining CTP please send an email to ctp@m-iti.org.